"We only offer projects to investors that we personally invest and believe in"

Strategic Objectives

Our objective is to establish Maybridge Group as a pre-eminent trusted brand, delivering sustainable long term returns to our investors and our partners from a combination of sales, rents and fee income.

OPPORTUNISTIC ACQUISITIONS - We make direct property acquisitions

ACTIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT - We enhance income returns and reduce vacant costs through active asset management

INCOME & CAPITAL GROWTH - We generate income and capital growth through refurbishment and development initiatives


Preservation and growth of investors’ capital with strong absolute investment returns.


Acquisition of quality assets in quality locations.


We seek recognition by setting out our vision of the future in key areas that matter to us such as the Private rented Sector and the position of the London housing market in the UK. We offer a guaranteed deal-flow with a proven ability to source off-market opportunities.



We manage our assets to deliver the best risk adjusted returns. This is at the heart of Maybridge Group as a property business. We constantly revisit capital allocations in terms of geographic diversity, asset type, investment criteria and length of hold. With strong investor demand for income producing assets, acquisitions to date are yielding investors income returns in excess of 7% p.a.

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The emerging more mature, customer focused private rental sector (PRS) will become a more significant part of our business. We will also increase our focus and our capabilities through the creation of joint ventures and fund management structures to generate recurring fee income.

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Residential Market

Housing supply and demand

Current estimates of housing demand range from 250,000 to 300,000 new homes required each year – well below the amount required to meet household growth. This supply/demand imbalance underpins capital value growth (house price inflation).

London faces a chronic undersupply of housing, which is set to tighten over the next 10 years. As a result, for most under-35s, the possibility of owning their own London home has greatly diminished. With government policy currently set to make small inroads, the responsibility to bridge the deficit has fallen upon private developers.

In response, Maybridge Group has increased its investment focus in strategic locations across London and the UK in order to capture future growth prospects

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Growth in the private rented sector

One of the more pronounced changes taking place in the UK residential market is the sustained growth in the private rented sector (PRS). The PRS is residential Investment with a different label.

This growth looks set to continue for years to come, with Savills predicting that the PRS will grow by 1.2 million households over the next five years.

The bulk of this rental demand has been driven by the 25–34 age group, the so-called ‘millennials’, with renters in this age group more than doubling since 2003. Today, one in every two individuals, between 25 and 34, rent privately in the UK.

This is an area of real interest for investors, offering a stable, durable income stream with strong demographic pressure driving a fundamental change in the approach of the sector.


A market opportunity for Build-to-Rent rather than buy-to-let

The evidence supports that we will see sustained growth in demand for long-term, specifically designed rental homes in the UK – known as Build-to-Rent.

As previously outlined, an increasing number of households are wishing to rent and they are choosing to rent for longer periods in their lives. These rental consumers are increasingly expecting better value-for-money and better quality, and so driving increased competition.

We are facing a unique opportunity in the UK to create a professionalised, institutionally-backed PRS, with large scale, long-term landlords, providing tenants with safe, secure homes for rent at good value.

Over the coming few years, we expect to see continued support from central government for the sector. We are confident with a positive policy environment and on-going market conditions, the PRS will continue to grow and evolve.

Maybridge is best placed to take advantage of this opportunity by utilising its core skills and delivering good quality, long-term rental homes through Build-to-Rent.


Commercial Market

Political and economic uncertainties will dictate the patterns of property investment over the next five years

Despite all this uncertainty, property remains a fundamentally safe asset class, giving strong income returns and in many cases is a refuge for capital preservation in the longer term, its appeal remaining resolute.

In the lead up to the EU Referendum, markets were strong, the drop in transactional volumes primarily down to lack of liquidity as opposed to waning investor appetite. Some market sectors were experiencing head winds with the absorption of higher stamp duty rates as well as concerns on rental growth in some sectors which would be hit by the rating revaluation. The seismic shock of the Brexit vote brought transactional activity in many cases to a juddering halt, a pause at least to reconsider pricing as opposed to pulling out of deals.

Nationally, the markets continue to appear robust in all sectors.

The sterling devaluation has made UK property very attractive for international investors pegged to the US Dollar or Euro, with activity in central London likely to be dominated by Asian investors, with American and Pan-European investors also strong nationally.


Commercial Investment

Our assets provide strong and resilient cash flows


Our strategy is to build a diversified property portfolio, let to good tenants in good locations, providing our investors with attractive income and capital returns whilst mitigating sector-specific risk.

  • UK based investment
  • Fixed Returns of between 8% and 12% Per Year
  • Investment terms from 1 to 5 years
  • Fixed income options with interest paid quarterly
  • Fixed term growth options with bonus paid at end of term
  • Full due diligence packs provided
  • Experienced team with combined 50 years+ in the UK real estate market


For professional investors who are seeking

  • Regular income and the potential for medium to long term out-performance.
  • Diversification of their investment portfolio beyond the traditional asset classes.
  • Exposure to an asset class uncorrelated with public markets.
  • Access to a pool of potential investments that are not available through mainstream asset managers.

Our investment and property acquisition process adopts top-down portfolio risk management and bottom-up property selection strategies, therefore only targeting distressed assets which are highly competitive in their local marketplace and can generate sustainable income streams.

Our investor focused offering is supported by our specialist asset managers and a central team who provide risk management oversight, research and operational support.

Furthermore our partnerships with auction houses, estate agents, repossession companies, banks and mortgage houses, allow us to draw expertise from numerous sources and deliver a better overall proposal to our clients.

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