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What we do

Launched in early 2015, Maybridge has invested across commercial and residential assets on behalf of family offices and institutional investors.

Maybridge develops sophisticated and proprietary investment strategies on behalf of professional investors.

The company was established to help bridge the gap between illiquid asset classes, often with high barriers to entry, and investors seeking to deploy capital into investment grade, income-generating assets.

Our role is to overcome these barriers, facilitating investment through transparent structures with strong corporate governance.

Our investments have been direct, as well as through fund structures, and we typically invest alongside partners through joint ventures.


We have expertise across all phases of the development cycle including acquisitions, planning, construction and sales

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Mixed use developments

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Market-leading new homes

Since we began, our objective has been to build market-leading new homes in locations across London ready for regeneration - where people would want to buy, either to live or invest, at highly competitive prices.

The company focuses on building high quality residential and mixed use developments with the philosophy of providing affordable homes for owner-occupiers, investors and parents buying for their children to allow them to study, work and live in the capital.

As an area benefits from inward investment it becomes more popular and property prices rise, enhancing capital values for our customers.

Covering the complete residential development cycle

Land and Planning

Our Land and Planning team is constantly seeking new residential or mixed-use development opportunities of all sizes, scales and values, with or without planning permission.

As a privately-owned company underpinned by significant assets, we are able to operate with freedom and flexibility, and can activate finances quickly to secure and complete land acquisitions.


We work alongside leading architects to create thoughtful and elegant building designs that are bespoke to each development.

On certain projects we enjoy a close collaboration with renowned interior designers.


Our in-house construction team ensures our exacting standards are met throughout the whole design and build process.

The end result is exemplary standards of workmanship. We engage with a range of traditional and innovative methods of construction to suit each unique development in our portfolio.

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Residential Investment

We actively create value for our long-term investors by focusing on niche real estate strategies

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Opportunistic approach

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Structured investments

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Active deal flow

Maybridge Group is a value-added real estate investor.

There are many ways to invest in real estate with us, both as a client of our asset management business and by partnering with our proprietary property companies which invest directly in property.

We originate and manage opportunistic deals in their own Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and invite institutional investors, family office and sophisticated investors to join us in structured investments.

We have an active deal flow and currently working with a select group of High Net Worth partners and clients, providing them with bespoke deals that meet their specific requirements.

The total equity invested per deal currently ranges from £250,000 – £10million.

We operate on a deal-by-deal basis providing our investors with concise and relevant information once a deal has been secured. We always highlight deal attributes, ensure we communicate a clear business plan, and target investor returns. Investors then contact us if they require further information and are interested in participation.

Maybridge seeks majority or strong minority positions and has extensive experience in deal structuring tailored to the situation of the investment, with the objective of achieving superior risk-adjusted returns.

Maybridge brings value through active Board membership, operational and financial involvement, and extensive partnership networks to support the growth of the company.

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Secures better funding terms

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Eliminates all marketing and sales costs

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A guaranteed exit route upon completion of development

Have a guaranteed exit route

An Off Plan deal provides a guaranteed exit route prior to, or during, construction.

With an Off Plan deal, Maybridge Group can offer builders or developers a significant deposit, enabling them to secure better funding terms with most banks and funders.


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Removal of the associated costs of owning and building a scheme from a developer’s balance sheet

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Elimination of all sales and marketing costs

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Elimination of interest costs

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Construction is 100% funded by Maybridge Group

Clear the balance sheet

With a Forward Funding deal Maybridge Group purchases the development prior to the construction work, and then offers staged payments to fund the construction cost.

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Elimination of interest costs

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Elimination of sales and marketing costs

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Enables quick movement on to the next project

Sell the whole development in one go

Maybridge Group will purchase part of, or the whole of, a development once it has been built. By selling all units in a single transaction, a builder or developer can move onto their next project quickly and easily.


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Allows builders and developers to pre-sell units prior to exchanging on the site

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Secure better funding terms

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Elimination of marketing and sales costs

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Elimination of all sales risk

A mutually beneficial relationship

Pre-purchase Partnering is a relationship that starts prior to land purchase. It’s an opportunity for the developer to bid on schemes knowing they already have a guaranteed sale price agreed with Maybridge Group prior to submitting their offer.

Commercial Invesment

Maybridge Commercial’s strategy is to invest in high-yielding commercial properties, diversified by sector and location across the UK

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Strong pipeline and deal sourcing advantage

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Investment strategy to create value across all sectors

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Effective business plan implementation and control

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Active Asset Management

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Diligent focus on exit

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Fixed Returns of between 8% and 12% Per Year

Maybridge Commercial source and acquire high-yielding commercial properties through direct property investment, diversified by sector and location across the UK.

We conduct thorough due diligence, analyse and assess all angles of investment and potential for development/refurbishment.

We manage our risk by active asset management and our knowledge of the market allows us to input our daily trading knowledge to maximise our returns.

With the current low interest rates, our investment tends to reduce reliance on capital value movements. Buying at a reasonable income spread from our cost of debt to the income we receive, we can de-risk our portfolio relatively quickly.

Our aim is to build a diversified property portfolio, let to good tenants in good locations, providing our investors with attractive income and capital returns whilst mitigating sector-specific risk.